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Special Offers on Related Publications

MSA members may now access special discounts offered by publishers. We maintain two separate lists. The "Individual Titles" list contains a collection of single titles on sale to our members. The "Special Offers by Publisher" link will direct you to publishers who have a "modernism" series and have agreed to offer those titles to our members at a discount.

You must be an active MSA member with a valid login name and password to access these pages.

>>> View Special Offers on Individual Titles (multiple publishers)

>>> View Special Offers by Publisher
(Ashgate, Oxford, Palgrave/Macmillan and Pickering & Chatto)

Publisher Information

Publishers interested in participating in our "special offers" may do so in two ways:
1. If you would like to promote only one title, please upload the title's information using our Publisher Participation Form.
2. For more than one title, we encourage publishers to create a special discount page on their own sites (example: You must then forward the URL and a logo to the MSA Technology and Infrastructure Chair.

Rules for Participation

1. The title must be relevant to modernist studies
2. The title must be offered at a true discount (our members should not find a better discount at, etc.) of at least 20%
3. If you create your own webpage, all titles listed must be discounted.