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The MSA maintains two electronic mailing lists: msa-members for announcements and msa-discuss for discussion. We encourage all members to join msa-members since it is our primary way of communicating important news to our membership. Members must sign up for the lists-they are not automatically added with their MSA membership. Instructions for managing your membership to each list appear below.


This list is the association’s principal and official form of communicating essential information to its members. Intended to be a low-traffic list, msa-members is restricted to announcements from the MSA executive committee, the annual conference organizer, and the editor(s) of Modernism/modernity. Subscribers can choose to receive messages as they are posted to the list or bundled together in a daily digest. For CFPs or other non-board announcements, please use msa-discuss (below).

msa-discuss (please use for CFPs)

In response to feedback from the membership, the MSA has created a separate electronic mailing list for Call for Papers and other timely announcements from members as well as more discursive communication on topics relevant to the study of Modernism. You can also post CFPs on the new MSA CFP database.