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The Modernist Studies Association is an academic association devoted to the study of the arts in their social, political, cultural, and intellectual contexts from the later nineteenth through the mid-twentieth century. The organization aims to develop an international and interdisciplinary forum to promote exchange among scholars in this revitalized and rapidly changing field.

Members enjoy a wide range of benefits from a subscription to the association’s journal Modernism/modernity to access to the annual conference (after the payment of conference fees) and participation in vibrant discussions on our list serv. Membership in the MSA will allow scholars to share their work and keep up with the latest research by colleagues.

Membership rates are $65.00 for individuals, $45.00 for students and $45.00 for retired or adjunct faculty members. Postage for mailing the journal internationally is $15.60 for Canada or Mexico and $17.60 outside of North America. The membership year for MSA is July 1 through June 30.

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