How do I join the Modernist Studies Association?

Go to the Online Membership Form and follow the directions there.

How do I know if I am a current MSA member or if my membership is expired?

If you are unsure if you are a current member, please contact JHUP customer service at: 1-800-548-1784 or jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu

How do I renew my MSA membership?

Go to the Online Membership Form and follow the directions there.

What is my membership number?

Your membership number identifies you as a member of the MSA to the JHUP. Go to the Membership Number Retrieval page to find out how to locate it.

How do I contact the Johns Hopkins University Press?

You may contact the Johns Hopkins University Press by writing them at the following address:

The Johns Hopkins University Press
P.O. Box 19966
Baltimore, MD 21211-0966 USA

You may fax or e-mail them at the following:

Fax: (410) 516-3866
Email: jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu

How do I submit an essay for Modernism/modernity?

You can find submissions guidelines on the journal’s page on our site.

What is the msa-members mailing list? What is the msa-discuss mailing list? How do I subcribe to (sign up for, join) either of these lists?

The msa-members list is the principal way the MSA communicates essential information to its membership. Intended to be a low-traffic list, content on msa-members is restricted to announcements from the MSA executive committee, the annual conference organizer, and the editor(s) of Modernism/modernity.

The Msa-discuss list was developed for more discursive communication between members on topics relevant to the study of Modernism. Restricted to members of the MSA, msa-discuss is an un-moderated list.

For more information on these lists, including policies and instructions for subscribing or unsubscribing, see this page.