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Mailing Address:

Modernist Studies Association
c/o Johns Hopkins University Press
Journals Division
PO Box 19966
Baltimore, MD 21211-0966

Other Inquiries:
Please feel free to send questions to the relevant officers listed below.

MSA Executive Committee

Each year the MSA holds elections for the various committee positions outlined in the MSA constitution and bylaws. The chairs of these committees, along with the officers, the webmaster, and the co-editors of Modernism/modernity, comprise the MSA's Board of Trustees.

President: Amy Clukey, University of Louisville

First Vice President: Louise Hornby, UCLA

Second Vice President: Octavio González, Wellesley College

Past President: Janine Utell (formerly Widener University)

Chair, Interdisciplinary Approaches: Sunny Stalter-Pace, Auburn University

Chair, International Relations: Christos Hadjiyiannis, University of Cyprus

Chair, Membership & Elections: Erin Kappeler,, Tulane University

Chair, Program: Elizabeth Evans, Wayne State University

Vice-Chair, Program: Pardis Dabashi, Bryn Mawr College

Chair, Finance (Treasurer): Matthew Eatough, CUNY-Baruch College

Chair, Technology and Infrastructure: Nikolaus Wasmoen, University at Buffalo

Contingent Faculty Representative: Emily Bloom, Columbia University

Graduate Student Representative: Zoë Henry, Inidiana University-Bloomington

Co-Editors of Modernism/modernity:
Anne Fernald, Fordham University
Alys Moody, Bard College
Stephen J. Ross, Concordia University