The MSA is committed to ensuring that all conference registrants will be able to participate in conference events.

We ask that all conference attendees give thought to questions of access and work with the conference organizers to create an event that is welcoming to the entire community of participants. All speakers should bring a least two paper copies of their presentation for distribution to attendees who would benefit from a reading copy.

If you would benefit from individual accommodations including, but not limited to, ASL translation, paper copies of session presentations, or large type documents, please contact the conference organizers.

Further Information

We encourage all attendees to make their presentations as accessible as possible. Consider coming with hard copies of your talk and your presentation (including some with larger font) to distribute, encouraging attendees to request those handouts, including captions or alt-text for any images, eliminating as much technical jargon as possible, and repeating out loud questions from the audience. More information on making accessible presentations is provided in the following PDF: Accessible Presentation Guide.

For more in-depth information, please see OSU’s website on Composing Access.