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Until September 15: Regular Registration Rate: $225 | Reduced Rate: $80*
After September 15: Regular Registration Rate: $250 | Reduced Rate: $95*

*The reduced registration rate is available to graduate students, scholars with contingent appointments, non-affiliated scholars, and retired scholars. The rates for undergraduate students are $50/$60.

NB: Donations from the 2021 Chicago conference were eligible to be applied toward MSA's “Between the Acts” virtual events this past April. Unfortunately, the MSA is not in a financial position to offer further rollovers or discounts.

Register for MSA 2022


1. Retrieving Membership Information

Please choose the appropriate registration rate from the list above. If you are not a current member of the MSA for 2022 you will be prompted to add a membership package before checking out. To facilitate this process, please have your MSA login and password available. If you need to retrieve one or both, use the “Forgot password” and “Forgot username” buttons on the login page. Once you select a membership package and add it to your cart, you may proceed with checking out for both the conference registration and MSA membership. For assistance, please contact JHUP customer service at: 1-800-548-1784 or MSASupport@press.jhu.edu.

All conference participants are required to pay the registration fee. There are no reduced fees for presenters/participants wishing to attend only part of the conference.

2. Optional Business Lunch

Rate: $20.00

We encourage all members to attend the MSA business lunch. Prizes are awarded, Board members are introduced, and the future of the MSA is discussed at this event. Please join us!

Click “Check out” to continue to step 4 (member login).

3. Special Events

If you are interested in one of our special events (visit to the Portland Japanese Garden, Graduate Student Social) and would like to reserve a space (and, for the Japanese Garden trip pay the added fee), please indicate your desire to do so here. Click “Add to cart” and then “Check out” to continue to step 4 (member login).

To help us estimate the numbers for the graduate student social on Thursday, October 27, 8:00 p.m., please indicate if you plan to attend. This is for all graduate student conference participants.

4. Member Login

Once completing the conference registration form, members will be asked to log in with their membership information. Non-MSA members will be asked to purchase or renew their membership.

Please note that there is no “promo code” for the conference.

5. Additional Conference Requests

Do you have access needs (wheelchair access, etc.)? Would you like vegetarian meals? Do you need use of a private space for lactation? Please let us know here.

6. What Are You Reading?

To participate in a What Are You Reading session, please indicate this on the registration form and provide the title of the book you are interested in presenting.

Click the “update” button to continue.

7. Seminar Registration

You have the option of registering for one seminar if you wish. For seminar topics see the Seminars page.

To register, select your top choice. If your first choice is already full, select another open seminar; if your second-choice seminar is full, select a third. Seminars are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for seminar registration is now extended to August 31, 2022. Please do not register for “closed” seminars. You may check the status of seminar closings on our Seminars page.

Click the “save” button to save your preferences and continue to check out. If you do not wish to register for a seminar, please click “continue to check out” at the top of the seminar registration page.

Please note: your conference receipt from JHUP will not indicate seminar selections. MSA Portland 2022 will send you a registration confirmation that will include your seminar assignment.

8. Payment Information

Please enter your credit card and billing information here. This is a secure connection.

Cancellations and Refunds: Registrants who cancel at least 30 days prior to the conference start date will receive a full refund, less a $40 processing fee. No refunds can be offered within 30 days of the conference. Refunds will not be given to no-shows. Substitutions are permitted.

To request a refund, please contact Kathy Young at kyoung36@jh.edu.

9. Additional Comments

Did we forget something? Please use this box on the registration site to let us know.

A final note about conference workshops

There will be an excellent range of workshops to choose from at the conference. In the past, registrants were asked to pre-enroll in the conference workshops because those took place outside of the regular conference dates. This year, in response to feedback from our members, we are moving the workshops from pre- and post-conference days into the main time frame of the conference. Many of the workshops are most valuable to early career scholars, just those members who are often least able to afford extending a hotel stay. While the workshops will now be competing with seminars, panels, and other sessions, we hope they will be more accessible in other ways. Please consider providing feedback about this change in the post-conference survey.

Register for MSA 2022