MSA Chicago 2021 Registration

Registration fees are as follows. The reduced rate applies only to students, contingent and retired faculty, independent scholars and remote-seminar-only seminar participants. All other participants must register at the regular rate. Please note that seminar registration ends when the reduced registration period ends (September 22).

These fees and any associated with the optional Business Lunch or for Special Events such as the Art Institute and American Writers Museum tour must be paid in advance through our online registration portal.

Remote-only participants (those only attending a seminar remotely) are eligible for the reduced registration fee regardless of professional status. At present our remote participation offerings are limited to those seminars that are designated as such. If conditions change such that we are able to offer additional options for remote participation later on, we will make an announcement at that time.

Please note that your membership in the MSA must be current in order for you to register, so you may be directed within the Registration process to renew or initiate your membership. Membership fees are listed on the MSA website at

Customer orders, refunds, and other account questions should be directed to the Johns Hopkins University Press in-house Customer Service team at this address: Reimbursement requests must be made two weeks before the conference begins (21 October at the latest).