Conference Workshops

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Pre-conference Workshops
(anticipated to run 10am-12pm on Thursday, November 8)

1. Workshopping Fellowship Applications in the Humanities [CLOSED]


This workshop will give participants an opportunity to see examples of successful fellowship applications and to receive feedback on drafts of their own proposals. Before the conference, each participant, including conveners, will submit fellowship criteria and a proposal for circulation. The conveners will help participants articulate the significance of a research project, often narrowly defined, to a wider audience, many of whom are not specialists in the proposed research topic–the most difficult part of writing applications but also the most important. Bulson and Kalliney will supplement group conversation with written, individualized feedback for each of the participants and will be available after the MSA conference for consultation.

2. Journal Publishing in Modernist Studies

3. Writing for the Public [CLOSED]


This workshop is for any scholar at any career stage interested in writing for a public audience, whether they already contribute to popular publications or hope to in the future. Discussion topics will include adapting scholarly interests for nonacademic audiences, pitching articles to appropriate venues, working with editors, managing one’s time within an already busy teaching-research schedule, incorporating public writing into a promotion or job file, etc. The workshop leaders comprise editors at the Los Angeles Review of Books and contributors to publications including BOMB, Bookforum, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Nation, N+1, and The New Republic.

4. First Book Publishing

Post-conference Workshops
(anticipated to run 1-3pm on Sunday, November 11)

5. Mid-career Modernism: Navigating the Profession Mid-stream

6. Digital Humanities Methods for Modernist Studies [CLOSED]


7. ModDH Collab: Getting Started with Collaborative Project [CLOSED]


Despite the necessity of collaboration in digital humanities projects, it remains difficult. How do you find a collaborator? How do you do so ethically, cross-institutionally, or globally? This workshop will facilitate the development of modernist digital humanities projects by bringing researchers together to find partners for existing projects and workshopping proposals for new ones. It will include full-group discussions as well as breakout pitch sessions. Participants will be asked to formulate position statements and to help assemble a collaboratively sourced ModDH Switchboard, which will serve as a global platform and general resource kit for collaboration. No prior experience necessary.