Stedelijk Museum Tours

Friday, August 11 at 7:30 pm

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The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, one of the foremost museal institutions in a city where the competition is steep, is supporting MSA 19 by opening its doors to all participants who registered before coming over. But “opening its doors” is understating it. They are not only opening its doors, they are showing us around as well and highlighting for us their current modernist and/or modernism-related exhibitions. After a small reception and a few introductory words by the museum’s Manager for Education, Interpretation and Publications, Margriet Schavemaker, expert tour guides will take us around, among them some of the curators of the current exhibitions. There will be two rounds of tours, so latecomers still have a shot at one. For the various exhibitions you’ll see, check out the website of the Stedelijk.

How to get there

From our venue you can take the tram or walk, which might take a little and is only recommended if you can navigate by way of phone or map. Having said that, the Stedelijk is very close to the Rijksmuseum and every Dutch person can point you in the right direction. If you choose to take the tram, take number 24 across the street from the Beurs (in the opposite direction of Centraal Station). Get out after a few stops, at Weteringcircuit. From there you can walk or take tram 7 or 10 to Spiegelgracht (ask almost anyone for the direction). Once at Spiegelgracht, cross the street, walk through the Rijksmuseum to the Museumplein, and you’ll see the Stedelijk across the lawn on your right. It’s popular nickname is the bath tub because it looks like one.

How to get in

There will be a registration desk at the entrance, where you can register and pick up a drink token for the small reception. Starting time: 7:30 pm.

Exhibition program during Modernism Today conference, August 2017, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Edward Krasinski

Zanele Muholi

Jana Euler: The Sky of Amsterdam, High in Amsterdam

Seth Price, Social Synthetic

Jean Dubuffet, The Deep End

Solution or Utopia? Design for Refugees

Chris Beekman, De Stijl Defector

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