Pre-Conference Event: Modernism Performed

Wednesday, August 9 from 7:30 pm

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For our pre-conference drinks and event, those of you who are already in Amsterdam on Wednesday are warmly invited to Amsterdam Noord, the up-and-coming and artist-favored part of town. From 7.30 pm, we are meeting at Sexyland, a venue near the Amsterdam wharf that has a bar and hosts a vast variety of independent projects with something of an underground vibe. “Modernism Performed” will begin at 8 pm and feature a modernism- inspired, live on-screen text-duet by Mia You (a poet and participating academic) and Sophie Fetokakis (another poet-academic currently located in Cyprus), a modernist musical intermezzo, and then a sample experience of the Amsterdam-based Waywords and Meansigns project, which, since 2014, has been dedicated to setting Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake to music.

How to get there

This is easy: if you are standing in front of the station, at one of the city centre exits (looking towards the Beurs, our conference venue, in the distance), turn around and walk through the station and then through its back exit, until you face the big body of water called the Ij. From there, on your left, you can see several ferry shuttles (free of charge). Find the NDSM ferry (usually on your far left; look for those letters or ask someone) and take it to the NDSM wharf. Stepping off the ferry, look right and you should see Sexyland. Check the ferry schedule and plan your return. Then just enter Sexyland and join the fun.

How to get in

Print out this page (including our logo) and show it at the entrance. Or show it on your mobile phone.