Canal Cruise

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In your conference pack you will find a ticket voucher that you can use to take a 1-hour regular cruise (roundtrip) on any boat by the Rederij Kooij. During the cruise, you’ll hear explanations about various sights you are passing. These explanations do not strike us as particularly reliable, but at least they are available in 10 different languages, including Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

How to get there

There are docking points at different places in the city where boats leave frequently at regular intervals, but the most convenient one for you will be the one in the photograph. It is located halfway to the Bijzondere Collecties. To get there, again, you just turn left when coming out of the Beurs (our venue) and walk straight ahead, staying on the left side until you see the ticket shack.

How to get in

Hand over the voucher in your conference pack.