Modernism: in print: Dutch Graphic Design 1917-2017

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This exhibition of modernist prints with an emphasis on the Netherlands comes to you by courtesy of the Bijzondere Collecties, one of the museums with ties to the University of Amsterdam. You can stroll through the exhibition at any time during its opening hours. So if you need a break between our panel sessions and crave a short walk and some soothingly angular exhibits – but also if you are on the lookout for research objects or fresh motifs for book or journal covers – don’t forget to consider this convenient opportunity.

Opening Hours Modernism: in Print
Thursday and Friday: 9:30-17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 13:00-17:00

How to get there

Again, this is easy: if you leave our conference venue, just turn left and go down the street, always straight and staying on the left side until, after crossing the Dam and continuing near a canal, you will find the Bijzondere Collecties (it’s one of the houses on your left, right next to the Allard Pearson museum). The address is Oude Turfmarkt 129.

How to get in

If you show your conference name badge at the entrance, you will get free access to the exhibition.

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