MSA 14: Modernism and Spectacle

October 18-21, 2012
The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV


You must be a current member of the MSA in order to register for this year's conference. To check your membership status, please contact JHUP customer service at: 1-800-548-1784 or

MSA membership is not included in the conference registration fee; however, you may now pay for membership and conference fees together using our "pay together" option.

The conference registration fee includes admission to all conference sessions and special events, receptions, refreshment breaks, and conference materials. Conference-goers who do not register will be charged a penalty of $100 in addition to the full late-registration fees.

N.B.: You may only register online. If you cannot register online, please contact:

All fees are in U.S. Dollars

Registration Walk-Through

1. Member Number

Please have your membership number ready if you would like the webpage to auto populate your personal information. You may find your membership number in the monthly emails JHUP sends out to you and on the piece of paper that accompanies your issue of M/m.

2. Address Information

Please enter your current address information or verify that the "auto population" from the previous step is correct.

3. Registration Rates

Please choose the appropriate registration rate. You may pay for the conference fee and membership fee at the same time by using the "pay together" option.

If you have already paid your membership fees, you may select the "conference only" rate. You will be asked, however, to enter your membership number to the right of this option to verify your membership status (that is, you will have to enter your membership number again). If your membership is not current, the website will not let you choose this option (you will get an error message). if this happens to you, please choose the "pay together" option or (if you feel this is a mistake) contact JHUP customer service at: 1-800-548-1784 or

Fees will go up $20 after July 31st.

4. Optional Business Lunch

We encourage all members to attend the MSA business lunch. The sit-down lunch is when prizes are awarded and the future of the MSA is discussed. Please join us for this important event. $15

5. Events

We are offering three events at MSA14. Please indicate whether or not you will attend these events.

6. Seminar Registration

You may register for one seminar. For seminar topics see our Seminars page. To register, please select your top three choices when submitting your conference registration form (if your first choice is already full, you will be placed in your "second choice" seminar; if your second choice seminar is full, you will be placed in your third choice). Seminars are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for seminar registration is July 31. Please do not register for "closed" seminars. You may check the status of seminar closings on our Seminars page.

7. What Are You Reading?

To participate in a What Are You Reading session, please check the appropriate box on the registration form and name a book you might be interested in presenting.

8. Conference Program Selection

We are asking all members to choose between a paper copy of the conference program and an electronic one in order to save paper at this year's conference. The most up-to-date program will be displayed both on a T.V. channel in Flamingo hotel rooms and on flat screen monitors throughout the conference space. We will be using information from this question to determine how many programs to print on paper.

9. A/V Requests

We are only able to provide projectors and sound equipment (you are responsible for bringing your own computer for presentations). We are unable to furnish computers. If you have an Apple computer, please make sure you bring the proper adapter to hook up to a VGA projector. A/V equipment is available for keynotes, panels, and roundtables only. Please limit requests for equipment necessary for presentation; consider use of paper handouts when possible. We are unable to provide computers.

10. Additional Conference Requests

Do you have access needs (wheelchair access, etc.)? Would you like vegetarian meals? Please let us know here.

11. Payment Information

Please enter your credit card and billing information here. This is a secure connection.

Cancellations and Refunds: Full refunds, less a $40 processing fee, will be granted to cancellations received by Monday, September 24, 2012. No refunds will be issued after this date. Substitutions are permitted.

To request a refund, please contact Alta Anthony at

12. Additional Comments

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