Important Dates:

Jul. 31, 2010
-Seminar Registration Deadline

-A/V Request Deadline

Sept. 15, 2010
-Early Registration Ends

-Last Day to Register for "What Are You Reading?"

Oct. 12, 2010
-Last Day to Reserve Hotel Room at "Special Rate"

Oct. 22, 2010
-Last Day for Conference Registration

-Last Day to Register for Business Lunch
Green Initiatives

Given Victoria's abundant natural beauty and the culture of conservation that prevails here, the Organizing Committee has determined to make this year's MSA the greenest ever. The need for such initiatives is too obvious to detail, and the Committee feels that the MSA can take the lead in showing other conferences and organizations how to keep their annual meetings while showing real responsibility by reducing the environmental impact they necessarily entail. As such, we have undertaken several new steps this year with the goal of giving the conference a much lighter touch than in years past, all while maintaining its quality.

Local and organic food will be served whenever possible.

Paper & Program
Attendees will have the choice to receive a paper copy of the conference program or an e-edition that will be available in PDF and on the web. The hosts have secured free wireless internet for all conference-program activity so that you will have instant access to the web version of the program. Sponsors have been encouraged to buy "digital advertising" to cut down on paper-based fliers and inserts as well. If you have a handheld device like an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone or any other web-capable device and you would like to try the eProgram, please select this option during the registration process.

Electronic Signage
During the conference, there will be electronic screens showing the next hour's events (panels, roundtables, etc.). These signs will help you navigate the conference without the aid of a paper program. These will also show the most up-to-date version of events.

There will be no "free" bags handed out in Victoria. We encourage all members to bring their own favorite and well-worn bags to this year's conference. If you do not have a bag and would like one, a limited number of bags will be available for purchase.

Carbon Offset
As part of our effort to make this the greenest MSA yet, we have designated as the official provider of carbon offsets for MSA delegates. Please visit to purchase offsets agains your travel.

Recycling and Compost
There will be abundant recycling and compost options available to all conference attendees.

Do you have your own "green" idea for this year's conference? Let us know!