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Keynote Videos

Dr. Patricia Leighten, "Modernism, Antimilitarism and War"
November 11, 2010.

This keynote was generously sponsored by the University of Victoria's Lansdowne Lecture in the Humanities

Dr. Astradur Eysteinsson, "Narrative Crisis: History of Modernism"
November 13, 2010.

This Keynote was generously sponsored by the Beck Trust at the University of Victoria

Conference Overview

This year’s conference theme of “Modernist Networks” indicates a number of possible vectors of inquiry: networks among modernist artists, critics, consumers, scholars; networks of influence, borrowing, theft, attribution; the networked modernisms of communications technologies, digital literary studies, electric and virtual modernisms; geographical, political, ethical, ethnic, personal, psychic networks; modernism’s networks and its claims to globality; modernism’s histories and its linkages to other movements, trends, traditions, and our own contemporary moment. Broad as it is, the theme should in no way discourage proposals that do not appear to fit: we welcome panel, seminar, and roundtable proposals on any topic. The primary criterion for selection will be the quality of the proposal, not its link to the conference theme.

All queries should be directed to Stephen Ross at

About the MSA

Founded in 1999, the Modernist Studies Association is devoted to the study of the arts in their social, political, cultural, and intellectual contexts from the late nineteenth through the twentieth century. Through its annual conferences and journal, Modernism/modernity, the organization seeks to develop an international and interdisciplinary forum for exchange among scholars in this revitalized and rapidly expanding field. The conference this year is hosted by the University of Victoria, with generous financial support provided various departments and faculties.

With Special Thanks...Victoria Dept of English

The conference organizers would like to thank the following sponsors for theirgenerous support (in alphabetical order):

The Beck Trust at the University of Victoria
Sponsoring Dr. Eysteinsson's plenary session

Modernist Cultures

The O'Neill Fund for Irish LiteratureRoutledge ABES

Routledge ABES
Sponsoring graduate student travel

The University of Victoria's Lansdowne Lecture in the Humanities
Sponsoring Dr. Leighten's plenary session

The University of Victoria's Special CollectionsWorld Literature Program
-Research Opportunities (PDF); Wyndham Lewis Exhibition (PDF)

The World Literature Program at Simon Fraser University
Sponsoring the book exhibition

Green Initiatives

Given Victoria's abundant natural beauty and the culture of conservation that prevails here, the Organizing Committee has determined to make this year's MSA the greenest ever. From local food to paperless programs, we hope to make this year's conference the greenest ever. For more information and a full list of our green initiatives, visit Green MSA.