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In 2007, the Modernist Studies Association was officially approved as an Allied Organization of the Modern Language Association, and became thereby eligible to sponsor two sessions at the annual MLA Convention. The MLA requires all presenters to be active members of the Modern Language Association. The MSA invites, but does not require, all presenters to join the Society.

45. Whiteness and Modernity, THURSDAY, 7 JANUARY 12:00 PM-1:15 PM EST

Sponsoring Entity: Modernist Studies Association


  1. How the Indian Act Reified Whiteness in Canada, Alana Sayers (U of Victoria) [#13772]
  2. Woolf, Women’s Writing, and Whiteness: Why Start Here?, Jennifer Poulos Nesbitt (Penn State U, York) [#13773]
  3. Claiming Spain in Jewish Literature, Emily Robins Sharpe (Keene State C) [#13774]
Celia Marshik (Stony Brook U, State U of New York)

246. Modernism, Copyright, and Public Domains FRIDAY, 8 JANUARY 12:00 PM-1:15 PM EST

Sponsoring Entity: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing
Cosponsoring Entity: Modernist Studies Association

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  1. Modernism’s Public Domains: A Taxonomy, Robert Edward Spoo (U of Tulsa) [#13702]
  2. ‘May the Record Speak’: T. S. Eliot’s Correspondence with Emily Hale, His Muse and Archivist, Frances Dickey (U of Missouri, Columbia) [#13703]
  3. Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett, and the Drama of Copyright, Alexander Hartley (Harvard U) [#13704]
Lise Jaillant (Loughborough U)
Celia Marshik (Stony Brook U, State U of New York)

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