Between the Acts:  A Digital MSA Conference

April 1–April 14, 2022

Contact (questions, accessibility issues, etc.):

Janine Utell, MSA President


Twitter: @janineutell



Labor Solidarity

April 8, 2022 11:00–1:00 PM ET


Megan Faragher (Wright State University—Lake Campus)

Lisa Jong (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Erin Kappeler (Tulane University; MSA Membership and Elections Chair)

Karen Weingarten (Queens College—City University of New York)


Charlotte Jones (Queen Mary University of London), Kate Schnur (Queens College—City University of New York), Sejal Sutaria (Grinnell College), and Emily Bloom (Sarah Lawrence College; MSA Contingent Faculty Representative)

At a moment when university workers face unprecedented levels of precarity in their professional lives, how can we redesign spaces that openly invite, promote, and sustain equity, diversity, and inclusion? Answering this question requires us to address the continued threats to humanities departments, the collapsing job market, the often unreasonable labor demands placed on graduate students, and an ever-growing reliance upon contingent, non-unionized labor in place of full-time employees across campus spaces. Resisting precarity, however, would be transformative for everyone.

This workshop, sponsored by the MSA Caucus for Contingent and Independent Scholars, aims to pool resources from across academic ranks to learn how we, as university workers, can help mitigate or push back against some of the structural issues impacting us all. The workshop will open with a panel of speakers who will address the visible and invisible systems that perpetuate precarity and strategies they have employed to resist and reimagine such systems to reduce precarity on their campuses. We will identify what securely employed academics can do to improve the situation for precarious members of their departments, as well as invite graduate students and contingent faculty to share effective strategies for catalyzing change.

Following the panel and group discussion, participants will break into groups to consider challenges on their campuses and possible plans of action. We will reconvene at the end of the workshop to produce a set of actionable items that individuals—as members of departments and professional organizations—can commit to in the short and long term.

* * *


Friday, April 1

SEMINAR:  Rural Modernism—CLOSED

10:00 AM–12:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizer:  Zachary Rockwell Ludington (University of Maine)


Heidi Siegrist (University of Virginia)

Geneva Gano (Texas State University)

Ann Martin (University of Saskatchewan)

Iida Pöllänen (Tampere University)

SEMINAR:   Modernist Emo—CLOSED

11:00 AM-1:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers: Rivky Mondal (University of Chicago) and Amy Tang (University of the Fraser Valley)

Invited participant: Jill Richards (Yale University)


Alix Beeston (Cardiff University)

Francesca Mancino (Case Western Reserve University)

Nick Beck (University of Southern California)

Rochelle Rives (Manhattan Community College—City University of New York)

Zoë Henry (Indiana University—Bloomington)

Melissa Alexander (University of Oxford)

Elizabeth Mary Sheehan (Oregon State University)

Amy E. Elkins (Macalester College)

Jade French (Loughborough University)

ROUNDTABLE:  Migratory Modernist Quotations

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Organizer: Cara Lewis (Indiana University Northwest)

Chair: Michaela Bronstein (Stanford University)


Cara Lewis (Indiana University Northwest)

Christopher McVey (Boston University)

Andrew Epstein (Florida State University)

Jonathan Greenberg (Montclair State University)

Evan Goldstein (Yale University)

PANEL:  Avant-Garde Aesthetics

2:00–3:30 PM ET

Chair:  Lauren M. Rosenblum (Adelphi University)


Zachary Rockwell Ludington (University of Maine), "Pessoa's Industrial Pastoral"

Joyce S. Cheng (University of Oregon), “Surrealism’s Primitive Reason”

Lilean Buhl (Leibniz Universität), "Spatial Contingency and Fleeting Celebrity: The Migrations of Frances Simpson Stevens and the Memory of Modernism"

Saturday, April 2

Feminist inter/Modernist Association Virtual Programming

The Feminist inter/Modernist Association  is offering The Feminist Precarity Workshop on Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 12:00pm EDT / 9:00am PDT .  This free hour-long event, originally scheduled for the 2022 meeting, will be presented with an expanded theme: “Precarity and the Pandemic.” This gathering will provide a (virtual) space in which we can: share stories and support, trade tools and strategies, and, most importantly, cultivate connections during this time of professional precarity and global instability. Our intention: show up how and as you are (anxious, overwhelmed, etc.) and leave feeling buoyed and uplifted by your feminist community.  

Register in advance for this meeting using this link . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We encourage “Between the Acts” participants to attend and support FiMA’s programming.

FiMA will also be partnering with The Space Between Society for their annual conference, to be held June 2–June 4, 2022 at Case Western Reserve University, with the theme “Labor in the Space Between,”   and with the International Virginia Woolf Society for their annual conference, to be held online June 9–June 12, with the theme “Virginia Woolf and Ethics.”

Sunday, April 3

SEMINAR: New Directions in Decadence: Contexts, Geographies, Histories—CLOSED  

11:00 AM–1:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers: Robert Volpicelli (Randolph-Macon College) and Robert Stilling (Florida State University)

Invited participant:  Kristin Mahoney (Michigan State University)


Ryan Tracy (Graduate Center of the City University of New York)

Cheyenne Symonette (Michigan State University)

Jacob Harris (University of Chicago)

Kaitlin Staudt (Auburn University)

Steve Pinkerton (Case Western Reserve University)

Monday, April 4

SEMINAR:  Networks, Infrastructures, and Other Modernist Passageways—CLOSED

12:00-2:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers: Laurel Harris (Rider University) and Lauren M. Rosenblum (Adelphi University)


Matthew Chambers (University of Warsaw)

Zena Meadowsong (Rowan University)

Janet Neigh (Penn State—Behrend)

Nicola Wilson (University of Reading)

Anne Fernald (Fordham University)

Jordan Howie (University of Toronto)

Emily James (University of St. Thomas)

Sophie Levin (Washington University in St. Louis)

ROUNDTABLE:  Temporality in and of Postcolonial Modernisms

3:00–4:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair: Daniel Ryan Morse (University of Nevada—Reno)


Priya Joshi (Temple University)

Jesse Matz (Kenyon College)

Sejal Sutaria (Grinnell College)

Jap-Nanak Makkar (University of Kentucky)

Daniel Ryan Morse (University of Nevada—Reno)

Tuesday, April 5

PANEL: Law, Identity, Social Experience

4:00–5:30 PM ET

Chair:  Janine Utell (Modernist Studies Association)


Jack Quirk (Brown University), “Adverse Possessions: Legal Aesthetics and the Settler Colonial Environment”

Chris Hall (University of the Ozarks), “The X of Law”

Liam Kruger (University of Wisconsin—Madison), “ The World-Class & the Tragicomic: Triomf , Johannesburg, 1994"

ROUNDTABLE:  Imagining Collaboration in the Age of Precarity

7:00–8:30 PM ET

Organizer: Lauren M. Rosenblum (Adelphi University)

Chair: Ria Banerjee (Guttman Community College—City University of New York)


Lauren M. Rosenblum (Adelphi University)

Laurel Harris (Rider University)

Jennifer Mitchell (Union College)

Erica Gene Delsandro (Bucknell University)

Claire Battershill (University of Toronto)

Wednesday, April 6

PANEL: Modernism and Technology I: Velocity, Time, and Perception

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Organizer:  Ian Whittington (University of Mississippi)

Chair:   Damien Keane (University at Buffalo—SUNY)


Charles Tung (Seattle University), “Modernist Clockwork and the Rescaling of Historical Possibility”

Enda Duffy (University of California—Santa Barbara), “Car Mirror Culture: Imagining a Techno-politics of Flow”

Sunny Stalter-Pace (Auburn University), “Subway Networks: Riding, Writing, Connecting”

PANEL:  Impersonality, Racialized Affect, and Narrative Forms

1:00–2:30 PM ET

Organizer:  Rei Asaba (Louisiana State University)

Chair: Urmila Seshagiri (University of Tennessee)


Jonathan Flatley (Wayne State University), “Gwendolyn Brooks Calling All Black People”

Madoka Kishi (Louisiana State University), “Butterflies and Asiatic Impersonality”

Rei Asaba (Louisiana State University), “‘It Was Not Singing and It Was Not Crying’: Cross-Racial Transmission of Affect in William Faulkner’s ‘That Evening Sun’”

SEMINAR:  Elemental Ecology in Modernism’s Time of Crisis—CLOSED

2:00–4:00 PM EST

Seminar Description

Organizer: Molly Volanth Hall (Rhode Island School of Design)

Invited Participant: Laura Ann Winkiel (University of Colorado—Boulder)


Caitlin McIntyre (University of Buffalo)

George Phillips (Franklin College)

Nurten Bayraktar ( Kapadokya University)

Diana C. Proenza (University of Maryland—College Park)

Chris Hall (University of the Ozarks)

Thursday, April 7

PANEL:  Modernism and Technology II: Ways of Hearing

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Organizer:  Ian Whittington (University of Mississippi)

Chair:  Alex Goody (Oxford Brookes University)


Emily Bloom (Sarah Lawrence College), “Radio: Blindness, Disability and Technology”

Josh Epstein (Portland State University), “Music: Modernist Remediation and Technologies of Listening”

Damien Keane (University of Buffalo), “Amplification: At Home with Marlene Dietrich Overseas

Jeremy Lowenthal (University of Iowa), “Rift and Resonance in Kamau Brathwaite's Technopoetics"

PANEL:  Modernism in/and the Smart Magazines

1:00–2:30 PM EST

Organizer:  Paul Peppis (University of Oregon)

Chair:  Lisa Mendelman (Menlo College)


Louise Kane (University of Central Florida), " The Century : a ‘smart’ magazine?"

Alice Kelly (Rothermere American Institute; New York Historical Society), “'The whole gaudy, gorgeous American scene': The Beginnings of The American Mercury"

Paul Peppis (University of Oregon), "Regendering ‘Smart’ Classicism: Franklin P. Adams, Dorothy Parker, and the Middlebrow Classical Verse Revival"

SEMINAR:   Fostering Activists: A Seminar for the Modernist Scholar-Activist—CLOSED

8:00–10:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers:   Laura Hartmann-Villalta (Georgetown University) and Jennie Lightweis-Goff (University of Mississippi)


Gabriel Hankins (Clemson University)

Stephanie J. Brown (University of Arizona)

Jonathan E. Goldman (New York Institute of Technology)

Dominique Townsend (University of Rochester)

Emily Robins Sharpe (Keene State University)

Sarah Terry (Oglethorpe University)

William Quinn (Northeastern University)

Debra Rae Cohen (University of South Carolina)

J. Ashley Foster (California State University, Fresno)

Friday, April 8

FEATURED WORKSHOP:  Labor Solidarity

11:00 AM–1:00 PM ET


Megan Faragher (Wright State University—Lake Campus)

Lisa Jong (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Erin Kappeler (Tulane University; MSA Membership and Elections Chair)

Karen Weingarten (Queens College—City University of New York)


Charlotte Jones (Queen Mary University of London), Kate Schnur (Queens College—City University of New York), Sejal Sutaria (Grinnell College), and Emily Bloom (Sarah Lawrence College; MSA Contingent Faculty Representative)

PANEL:  Modernism and Technology III: Networks of Information and Circulation

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair:  Ian Whittington (University of Mississippi)


Shawna Ross (Texas A&M University), “Networks: Modernism in Circulation, 1920-2020”

Janice Ho (University of Colorado—Boulder), “Nation: GPO Documentaries and Infrastructures of the Nation-State”

James Purdon (University of St. Andrews), “Information: Literature and Knowledge in the Age of Bradshaw and Baedeker”

ROUNDTABLE : Modernism and Self-Care

12:30–2:00 PM ET

Organizer: Bridget Chalk (Manhattan College)

Chair:  Lisa Mendelman (Menlo College)


Beth Blum (Harvard University)

Randi Saloman (Wake Forest University)

Margaret Konkol (Old Dominion University)

Heather Love (University of Waterloo)

PANEL:  Pause, Listen, Experiment: Revisiting Authorship in Hughes, Hurston, and Marson

1:00–2:30 PM ET


Organizer: Eve Sorum (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Chair :  Jon Hegglund (Washington State University)


Nadia Nurhussein (Johns Hopkins University), “Still at Sea: Langston Hughes and Revision”

Eve Sorum (University of Massachusetts—Boston), “‘I was sent to ask’: Questioning Authority in Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon

Jennifer Sorenson, (Texas A&M–Corpus Christi), “Una Marson's   Complex Representations of Blackness as Author and Self-Publisher”

PANEL:  Queer Genres

1:00–2:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair:  Lauryl Tucker (University of the South)


Todd Nordgren (Dickinson College), “‘A Dodo in Every Bus’: Adapting Camp to Queer Satire in William Plomer’s Short Stories”

Lauryl Tucker (University of the South), “Whatever Did You Expect: Elizabeth Bowen’s Queer Gothic”

Elizabeth Blake (Clarkson University), “Dream Work as Queer Work: Obscenity and ‘The Hungry Stones’”

Aleksandr Prigozhin (University of Denver), “Queer Generality and the Persistence of Genre in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Historical Novels”

SEMINAR: Radical Domesticity—CLOSED

1:00–3:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers:  Victoria Rosner (Columbia University) and Mary McLeod (Columbia University)

Invited participants:  Susan Fraiman (University of Virginia) and Alice T. Friedman (Wellesley College)


Yasna Bozhkova (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Marta Figlerowicz (Yale University)

Irene Gammel (Ryerson University)

Anna Waller (Columbia University)

Jason Wang (Ryerson University)

Mary Wilson (University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth)

Jesse Wolfe (California State University–Stanislaus)

Imola Nagy-Seres (Eötvös Loránd University)

Laura Tscherry (Indiana University)

Alejandra Ortega (Purdue University)

ROUNDTABLE:  American Modernism Reconsidered

3:00–4:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair:  Mark Whalan (University of Oregon)


Rachel Galvin (University of Chicago)

Benjamin Kahan (Louisiana State University)

Adrienne Brown (University of Chicago)

Saturday, April 9

PANEL:  Memory, Modernism, and the Digital Humanities

1:00–2:30 PM ET

Organizers:  Karen Leick ( University of Illinois—Chicago) and Jeffrey Drouin (University of Tulsa)


Karen Leick (University of Illinois—Chicago), “Modern Poetry Anthologies and the Canon: 1910-1940”

Jeffrey Drouin (University of Tulsa), “Proust, Memory, and Textual Encoding”

PANEL:  Transporting Modernism: Censorship and Bibliomigrancy

2:00–3:30 PM ET

Organizer:  Dipanjan Maitra (University of Buffalo)

Chair: Cóilín Parsons (Georgetown University)


Dipanjan Maitra (University of Buffalo), “‘Ephemeral journeeys’: Joyce, Censorship and the Press-Cutting Bureau”

Sujaan Mukherjee (Jadavpur University), “Clashing Worlds: Annotating Humphry House’s I Spy with My Little Eye

Erin Penner (Asbury University), “Meaning that Does Not Travel: Profanity as a Litmus Test for Global Modernism”

SEMINAR:  Innovative Approaches to Teaching About the First World War—CLOSED

3:00–5:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizer:  Stacy Carson Hubbard (University of Buffalo)

Invited participants:  Mark Whalan (University of Oregon) and Elizabeth Outka (University of Richmond)


Sunny Stalter-Pace (Auburn University)

Connie Ruzich (Robert Morris University)

Pearl James (University of Kentucky)

A. Irene Mangoutas (Queen’s University)

Philip Joseph (University of Colorado—Denver)

Stephanie Lee Hawkins (University of North Texas)

Sunday, April 10

Visit our virtual book exhibit !

Monday, April 11

SEMINAR:  The Modernist Scene—CLOSED

9:00–11:00 AM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers:  Alix Beeston (Cardiff University) and Pardis Dabashi (University of Nevada—Reno)

Invited participants:  Cara Lewis (Indiana University Northwest)


Noa Saunders (Boston University)

Josh Epstein (Portland State University)

Ria Banerjee (Guttman Community College—City University of New York)

Melba Cuddy-Keane (University of Toronto)

Elizabeth Alsop (Western Kentucky University)

Diane Drouin (Université Paris—Sorbonne)

Robert Carson (Texas A&M University at Qatar)

Jessica Masters (Australian National University)

Julie Beth Napolin (The New School)

Jordan Brower (Harvard University)

Liam Kruger (University of Wisconsin—Madison)

Victoria Papa (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)

Jacqueline Shin (Towson University)

Michelle Alexis Taylor (St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford)

WIP:  Graduate Students’ Work-in-Progress Seminar  

11:00 AM—12:30 PM ET


In this session, we will discuss a paper entitled “Trans-corporeality in T.S. Eliot's ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’” by Nurten Bayraktar, a graduate student at Kapadokya University. Drawing on theories of the modernist body, Nurten’s work connects trans-corporeality to Eliot’s concepts of “objective correlative” and “dissociation of sensibility” to provide a nuanced reading of modernist poetic imagery.

The primary purpose of the seminar is to offer Nurten some constructive, friendly feedback on her writing style and ideas. However, the meeting also provides an opportunity for participants to explore shared interests and make new professional connections. The session will be particularly beneficial for students but is open to anyone who might be interested. It will follow an informal and open format.

If you are interested in joining the discussion, please register for the event in advance using this link.  The paper and Zoom link will be emailed to those who sign up at least two weeks before the seminar so that all participants have time to read the material and prepare some notes on it beforehand.  

SEMINAR:  Modernist Historiographies—CLOSED

1:00–3:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers: Emily Hyde (Rowan University) and Claire Seiler (Dickinson University)


Claire Buck (Wheaton College)

Kevin Tunnicliffe (University of Victoria)

Nissa Cannon (Stanford University)

Sabrina Lee (University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign)

Sarah Fedirka (University of Findlay)

Jeremy Lakoff (University of Tampa)

Eleni Loukopoulou (Independent Scholar)

Penny Farfan (University of Calgary)

Lawrence Jones (University of Reading)

Oliver Evans (University of Birmingham)

Tuesday, April 12

Critical Orwell:  An Online Conference | April 12 to April 14

The theme of Critical Orwell: An Online Conference  is how Orwell is critical and in crisis: how Orwell’s views and work matter; how Orwell operated as a judge and fault-finder, and occasionally as a pessimist; and how Orwell is a figure whose prejudices raise important questions about his canonical status in Anglo-American culture and beyond. How and why is Orwell critical now?

Critical Orwell:  An Online Conference  is sponsored by the University of Birmingham and runs April 12 to April 14 .   Visit the conference website  for information about registration, fees, and program of events.  We encourage “Between the Acts” participants to attend and support this programming.

SEMINAR:  War and Interiority—CLOSED

10:00 AM–12:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers:  Sara Crangle (University of Sussex) and Maud Ellmann (University of Chicago)

Invited participants: Adam Piette (University of Sheffield) and Paul Saint-Amour (University of Pennsylvania)


Martin Zirulnik (University of California—Los Angeles)

Matthew Thompson (Washington University in St. Louis)

Erin Penner (Asbury University)

Ameya Tripathi (Columbia University)

Allison Nick (University of Mississippi)

Ashley Maher (University of Groningen)

Michael Valdez Moses (Duke University)

Zachary Hope (University of Chicago)

Patrick Deer (New York University)

Chryssa Marinou (University of Athens)

Patricia Laurence (City College—City University of New York)

PANEL:  Modernist Migration and the Void: Emergence, Embodiment, and Multiplicity

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Chair:  Claire Buck (Wheaton College)


Peter Lang (University of Missouri—Columbia), “‘Molloy, your region is vast’: Beckett, Deleuze, and the Dissolution of the Subject”

Elysia Balavage (University of North Carolina—Greensboro), “Emptiness and Emergence in the Poetry of H. D.”

Sarah Nance (United States Air Force Academy), "Passing an Impression: Perception and Transference in H.D.’s Tribute to Freud  and Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight "

PANEL:  Environmental Modernisms

2:00–3:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair:  Pamela Caughie (Loyola University Chicago)


Michael Rubenstein (Stony Brook University), “Down the Mine”

Justin Neuman (The New School), “Resilient Modernism”

Danielle Richards (Loyola University Chicago), “Vital Environs: Ecologies of Modernism and the Nature Tradition”

ROUNDTABLE:  Minoritarian Modernisms

6:30–8:00 PM ET

Organizer: Victoria Papa (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)

Chair: Paul Saint-Amour (University of Pennsylvania)


Scott Challener (Hampton University)

Pardis Dabashi (University of Nevada—Reno)

Geneva Gano (Texas State University)

Octavio González (Wellesley College)

Victoria Papa (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)

Wednesday, April 13

Critical Orwell:  An Online Conference | April 12 to April 14

Conference website

PANEL:  Politics and Form

10:00–11:30 AM ET

Chair:  Christos Hadjiyiannis (University of Cyprus)


Allison Nick (University of Mississippi), “I’ll make us a home wherever we are:” Exile and the Politics of Home in Martha Gellhorn’s A Stricken Field  and “Luigi’s House”

Robert Carson (Texas A&M University—Qatar), “George Orwell, Doris Lessing, and the Novel-Essay”  

Tianyi Shou (Cornell University), “Play-Writing on Stage: Historiography as Performance in Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts ”  

ROUNDTABLE:  Toxic Avant-Gardism

3:00–4:30 PM ET

Chair:  Jason Wang (Ryerson University)


Sara Crangle (University of Sussex)

Jonathan Eburne (Pennsylvania State University)

Irene Gammel (Ryerson University)

Kinohi Nishikawa (Princeton University)

Dorothy Wang (Williams College)

PANEL: Chinese Diaspora and the Technes of Modernism

5:00–6:30 PM ET

Organizer/Chair: Nan Z. Da (University of Notre Dame)


Oliver Brearey (Independent Researcher), “Innovation and Theft:  The Typewriter in Hong Kong’s Historical Newspaper Archive, 1894–1961)

Yunte Huang (University of California—Santa Barbara), "Through the Looking Glass: Basic English, Chinglish, and Translocal Dialect"

Libby Kao (University of California—Berkeley), "Cold War Intimacies and Critical Selfhood in Zhu Tianxin’s 古都 Old Capital  and 新黨十 九日“Nineteen Days of the New Party."

Nan Z. Da (University of Notre Dame), "Asking After Your Neighbors in This World: On Can Xue's Surreality Effects"

Thursday, April 14

Critical Orwell:  An Online Conference | April 12 to April 14

Conference website

PANEL:  Other Ways of Looking at the Modernist Archive

12:00–1:30 PM ET

Chair:  Janine Utell (Modernist Studies Association)


Michelle Alexis Taylor (St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford), “Coterie, Nostalgia, and (Anti-)Archival Aesthetics”

Claire Buck (Wheaton College), “Obscured Histories:  First World War Photography and Migrant Labor”

Ameya Tripathi (Columbia University), “Translating Black Dissent:  Nancy Cunard’s Spanish Civil War Scrapbook and Palimpsestic Translation”

Rich Cole (Alberta University of the Arts), “Du Bois the Modernist”

PANEL:   Gender and Sexuality in Modernist Poetry and Narrative

2:00-3:30 PM ET

Chair:  Lauryl Tucker (University of the South)


Megan Minarich (Vanderbilt University), “Normalizing Abortion: Critical Reception and Competing Narratives in Robert Mulligan’s Love with the Proper Stranger "

Patrick Kindig (Brandeis University), “Glenway Wescott’s Narratives of Queer Drift"

Xiamara Hohman (Loyola University Chicago), “But I am also a woman”: Chinese Mythology and Western Gender Expectations in Amy Lowell’s Poetry”

SEMINAR: Poetics Without Modernism—CLOSED

4:00–6:00 PM ET

Seminar Description

Organizers: Ben Glaser (Yale University) and Erin Kappeler (Tulane)

Invited participants:  Virginia Jackson (University of California—Irvine) and

Meredith Martin (Princeton University)


Anthony Shoplik (Loyola University Chicago)

Lucy Alford (Wake Forest University)

Michael Allen (Harvard University)

Sara Judy (Notre Dame University)

Scott Challener (Hampton University)

Emily Kopley (McGill University)

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