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MSA 12: Victoria Feedback Survey

Welcome to the MSA 12 Feedback Form. Please answer the questions below to help us plan future conferences. You may leave comments in the appropriate box at the end of this form. Thank you for your input.

  Rankings: 0=Not Satisfied - 5=Very Satisfied No
0 1 2 3 4 5
1. Overall satisfaction with MSA Victoria
2. Keynote Address: Leighten, "Modernism, Antimilitarism, and War"
3. Keynote Address: Eysteinsson, "Narrative Crisis: History of Modernism"
4. Keynote Roundtable: "How Is Modernism Global?"
5. What Are You Reading?
6. MSA Business Meeting
7. Quality of the Panel Selection
8. Quality of the Roundtable Selection
9. Quality of the Poetry Reading
10. Quality of the Film Screening
11. Quality of the Literary Salons
12. Quality of the Plays
13. Exhibition Space (bookstalls, etc.)
14. A/V Services
15. Catering (breakfast, breaks, receptions, business lunch)
16. Green Initiatives (e-program, electronic signage, etc.)

Future Conferences

  Future Conference Sites No Opinion / N/A   Yes No Maybe Reason: e.g., cost, distance, time of year
17. Do you plan to attend the Buffalo conference in October 2011?  
18. Do you plan to attend the conference in November 2012, to be held in Las Vegas?  
19. Do you plan to attend the conference in September 2013, to be held in Sussex?  
20. If you requested an e-program, would you do so again next year?  

    Yes   Maybe Name Institutional affiliation
21. Would you like to host a future conference or do you have a site and contact person to recommend?  

If there is something you would like to add, please do so here. Any comments relating to the conference are welcome.

The information you have provided is anonymous. If you would like to leave your name, however, a member of the MSA staff may contact you to follow up on your concerns and suggestions. Leaving your name and email address is entirely voluntary.