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The 31st Annual Meeting of the T. S. Eliot Society

Keynote speaker: Michael Levenson, University of Virginia

1. CALL FOR PAPERS. The Society invites proposals for papers to be presented at the annual meeting in St. Louis. Clearly organized proposals of about 300 words, on any topic reasonably related to Eliot, along with biographical sketches, should be forwarded by June 14, 2010, to the President, David Chinitz (

Papers given by graduate students and scholars receiving their doctoral degrees no more than two years before the date of the meeting will be considered for the Fathman Young Scholar Award. Those eligible for this award should mention the fact in their submission.

2. CALL FOR PEER SEMINAR PARTICIPANTS: "ELIOT AMONG THE MODERNS." Led by Kevin Dettmar, this MSA-style seminar will articulate a number of intra- and extra-modernist relationships--relationships of influence, homage, anxiety. How was Eliot's influence felt among his modernist peers? What would it mean to frame the period as The Eliot Era, rather than The Pound Era? How did Eliot's example--both as embraced and rejected, consciously and unconsciously--influence his peers and inheritors? And how did those modernist peers affect Eliot's own work? A variety of approaches very welcome here: e.g., Eliot & Another Modernist Figure; the influence of Eliot's thinking on a small group of other modernists; Eliot's impress on the title and ideology of modernism itself.

Kevin J. H. Dettmar is the W. M. Keck Professor and Chair of English at Pomona College. He has served as President of the Modernist Studies Association and the Midwest Modern Language Association, and has published widely on modernist literature and culture, especially on Joyce. With Mark Wollaeger, he edits the series Modernist Literature & Culture for Oxford University Press. He also writes often about the intersections of popular music and contemporary life; his column "Pop Life" runs bi-monthly in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Most recently, he edited The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan.

The seminar is open to the first 15 registrants; registration will close July 1. Seminarians will submit 4-5 page position papers by e-mail, no later than September 1. To sign up, or for answers to questions, please write Jayme Stayer (

Conference Location: St. Louis, MO, USA
Conference Starts: September 24, 2010
Conference Ends: September 26, 2010

CFP Submission Deadline: June 14, 2010

For more information, contact: David Chinitz