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This proposed panel will consider classical sound film, or the "talkies," within literary, artistic, and cultural contexts of modernism/modernity. While many influential studies within the field of modernism have explored the transition to sound film, the role and influence of sound film within 1930s and 1940s cultures of modernism have yet to be considered more comprehensively. Proposed papers should have a significant focus on what comes _after_ the coming of sound film, but revisitations of the shift from silent to sound film can certainly be addressed.

Possible topics might include:
--Sound and the public sphere.
--Networks of social connection between classical Hollywood cinema and literary/artistic modernism.
--Literary and artistic engagement with sound film experience.
--Censorship and production codes; sound and obscenity.
--Transnationalism and the talkies.
--Hollywood studio consolidation, capitalism, and the role of the artist.
--Sound and film technology, e.g. recording, reproduction, and transmission; technologies of perception; discourse networks.
--Automata and the talkies.
--Connections between individual films or oeuvres and contemporaneous socio/cultural discourse.

Deadline extended to May 2, 2010; send abstract to Sara Bryant at The completed panel will be submitted on May 3 for consideration by the MSA.

Conference Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Conference Starts: November 11, 2010
Conference Ends: November 14, 2010

CFP Submission Deadline: May 02, 2010

For more information, contact: Sara Bryant