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New Ways of Thinking About Modernism and the Left

Scholars have explored Modernism’s relationship both with the political Right, broadly construed (fascism, nationalism, etc.) and the political Left (feminism, pacifism, and Marxism in its time, how it anticipates disability studies in our time, etc.). This panel explores new paths for scholarship on Modernism and the Left.

In support of new conceptual models, I leave open the meaning of “the Left.” Papers on the following subtopics are especially welcome, as I am working toward proposing linked panels. But please submit anything concerning my umbrella topic of Modernism and the Left.

1) Rifts in the Left, e.g., between elites and masses. Perhaps concerning literary forms and platforms for mass communication.

2) Modernism and the Environment. Perhaps concerning literary styles as epistemologies for thinking about the environment.

3) Bringing invisible things into view. “Invisible” things could include environmental concerns, marginalized populations, emerging social movements, metaphysical forces, etc.

Submit 150-word abstracts and 50-word scholarly biographies to Jesse Wolfe at by April 5, 2021.

Conference Location: Chicago, USA
Conference Starts: November 04, 2021
Conference Ends: November 07, 2021

CFP Submission Deadline: April 05, 2021

For more information, contact: Jesse Wolfe