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The Politics of the Unreal

Though we no longer view popular, pulp, or mass products as incompatible with modernism, we are a long way from fully understanding how they inter-implicate one another. Papers for this panel may address (but are not limited to) the following questions:

a) How did modernists use elements of the popular unreal to break with realism and experiment stylistically? How do popular writers themselves experiment in ways that access concerns more often linked to modernist seriousness?
b) How did these conventions get put to unconventional uses and/or enable unconventional explorations, both stylistic and conceptual?
c) How might we understand both conventional modernism and its popular counterparts to be aesthetically inter-implicated.
d) How might they both be understood to do the characteristically modernist work of indexing and engaging with the social and political dimensions of modernity?

200-word abtracts and 50-word bio-bibliographical notes to Glenn Willmott ( and Stephen Ross ( by 10 March.

Conference Location: Brooklyn, USA
Conference Starts: October 22, 2020
Conference Ends: October 25, 2020

CFP Submission Deadline: March 10, 2020

For more information, contact: Stephen Ross