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Title: “Mediation, the Urban, and Cultural Memory”

Friedrich Kittler famously claimed that the city was the quintessential space of modernity in its spatial capacity as a “medium” for data storage, exchange, and processing. Kittler argued that to explore how various “mediums” store, exchange, and process cultural memory can help us understand how those in the early twentieth-century responded to the anxiety surrounding what Walter Benjamin described as the increasing loss of shared memory. This panel proposes to explore representations of media (broadly conceived) and mediation in an urban setting as part of a response to modernity’s threat to established tradition. This media can range from the “old” new media such as telegraphy, photography, and cinema to urban infrastructure such as “water supply, electricity, highways” (Kittler) that supply the energy needed in order for information to circulate. Paper topics could include, but need not be limited to, studies of works, genres, or forms that facilitate memorialization, or analysis on modernist representations or discourses on media’s role in enhancing or destabilizing memory. Please send a 300-word abstract of your proposed paper and a short bio to JiHae Koo ( by February 24, 2019.

Conference Location: Toronto, Canada
Conference Starts: October 17, 2019
Conference Ends: October 20, 2019

CFP Submission Deadline: February 24, 2019

For more information, contact: JiHae Koo