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Lausanne, Switzerland - June 25-July 3, 2010
Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2009

The Hemingway Society invites paper, workshop, and panel proposals for the 14th International Hemingway conference: Hemingway?s ?Extreme Geographies.? With ?Hemingway?s Extreme Geographies,? the organizers wish to prompt a consideration of the ways the experience of space and geography?its physical, psychological, and emotional dimensions?informed Hemingway?s writing. Hemingway had an acute sense of space and its evocative capabilities. Hemingway also wrote about the geography of the body?the way it imposes its own limits and topography by being marked, scarred, or gendered. Even Hemingway?s sentences, grammar, and syntax suggest the importance of the material space of the story and the terrain of the words on the page.

Featured conference speakers: Linda Wagner-Martin, Debra Moddelmog, Noel Riley Fitch, H.R. Stoneback, Carl Eby, Kirk Curnutt, Elizabeth Bronfen, Patrick Vincent, and Allen Josephs.

Proposals: Organizers encourage participants to interpret the conference theme broadly. We welcome proposals on all aspects of Hemingway?s artistic and existential experience, but we are particularly interested in contributions that explore Hemingway?s penchant for intense experiences in liminal spaces (physical and psychological) as a starting point for his writing.

Topics of the conference may include but are not limited to the following themes:

Corporeal Geographies:
? Switzerland as a place of encounter and dis-encounter
? Africa, Cuba, Switzerland, Spain, France, and the place of the ?other?
? The Gulf Stream, Key West, Michigan, The American West
? Ketchum, and the unhomeliness of home
? Warscapes (WWI, Spanish Civil War, WWII)
? Aviation, traveling
? Boundary crossing (literal and figurative)
? The bodily experience of space; the jubilant/sensual and the injured body
? The geographies of sports
? The gendering and the ethics of topography
? The carnivalesque
? Hemingway and the Romantic tradition

Mental Geographies:
The literary space:
? Hemingway?s sentences
? The art of omission
? Narrative lines and narrative interruptions
? The space of Hemingway?s paragraph
? A room with a view: the construction of aesthetics in Hemingway?s writing

The space identity (gender, racial, public):
? Remorse; or, the land of the past
? Regeneration through violence
? Masculine territories and the frontier of the ?other?
? The construction of Authorship and the defense of authorial territory

Other issues:
? Materialism and idealism?the world here and now and worlds beyond
? Hemingway and religious sentiment
? The crisis of reality and unreality of reality
? Existentialism and mysticism
? The sublimation of injury and the extreme spaces of experience
? The experience of beauty and the sublime; or, Hemingway and the (post-) Romantic tradition
? The extremes of the reception of Hemingway
? Reading Hemingway in Africa, Europe, Asia

All proposals are due by Sept. 15, 2009. Proposals should be sent to the conference organizers (Suzanne del Gizzo and Boris Vejdovsky) at

To see the full ?Call for Papers,? including more information on proposing a paper, panel or workshop, and for more information on the current program please visit: (click on Lausanne) or email the conference organizers at

Conference Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Conference Starts: June 25, 2010
Conference Ends: July 03, 2010

CFP Submission Deadline: September 15, 2009

For more information, contact: Suzanne del Gizzo