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The Graphic Body

What makes a body graphic? When is a body ‘too much’? Who decides when a body is ‘too much’? The modernist period is filled with a fascination for bodies that are too sexual, too dirty, too ‘deformed’, too violent, too dangerous. From Rainer Maria Rilke’s bodies in Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge scraping themselves against walls, over Vaslav Nijinsky’s masturbatory finale in l’après-midi d’un faune to Isadora Duncan’s thinly veiled Greek dances, ‘graphic’ bodies – purposefully or not – provoked responses of discomfort, distrust, and disgust. We invite papers that explore the ways in which bodies are shaped and re-shaped, by the artists and their audience alike, as ‘graphic’. While we welcome cross-disciplinary approaches, we wish to focus on dance and physical performance, and the responses of the other arts to the specific immediacy of this present body in motion. Through this panel, we hope to think through the concept of the ‘graphic’ body in its vividness and explicitness in contrast and relation to other understandings of the non-normative body, such as the grotesque. In this attempt, we hope to draw from a variety of contexts and we therefore explicitly encourage diverse viewpoints that go beyond Western perspectives. 

Please send a 300-word abstract and short bio to Meindert E. Peters ( and Patty Argyrides ( by 1 April 2018.

Conference Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Conference Starts: November 08, 2018
Conference Ends: November 11, 2018

CFP Submission Deadline: April 01, 2018

For more information, contact: Patty Argyrides