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How does modernism address the contradiction between popular celebration of the heroic individual and the ongoing erosion of the autonomous individual as a meaningful concept? What attempts are made to articulate a heroism consistent with fragmented, incoherent, anti-Cartesian individual or one compatible with the denial of the self? What would a modern hero or heroine in concert with postmodern cultural theory look like? How does the modern hero or heroine correspond to crossings of genres and media, especially in the digital age? Are graphic heroes and heroines somehow substantially different from traditional ones, and can a theory by elaborated to account for that difference? In short, how has the Western hero evolved since Joyce, Wolfe, Faulkner and other modernist icons? Counter-tradition approaches to the heroic such as ambiguous, anarchist, decentered, dystopian, mystic, pansexual, paranormal posthuman, or virtual (digital), with a focus on the Americas are especially welcome.

Conference Location: Columbus OH, USA
Conference Starts: November 11, 2018
Conference Ends: November 18, 2018

CFP Submission Deadline: April 01, 2018

For more information, contact: Todd Garth