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Are there peculiarly modern ways of inciting empathy, of casting the spell of one life over another? If modern life and its culture industries are afflicted by disenchantment, inoculated by irony or exposed by estrangement effects, then in what ways do modernist writers and artists also seek to capture and immerse their audiences in lives strange to their own? What aesthetics are thus created, and what cognitive processes are engaged? Ecocriticism has revived the ambivalent value of enchantment and wonder, while affect studies has explored caring and compassion among problematic aims in modern cultural production. In these contexts, how do avant-garde modernist practices converge or diverge from the spellbinding work of popular entertainment and other media? What are the implications for empathic horror versus pleasure, knowledge versus stupefaction, empowerment versus paralysis? This proposed panel seeks papers from diverse disciplines on experiments with empathy, immersion and allure in literature, arts, and media.

Please send a 200-300 word proposal with brief professional biographical notes to Glenn Willmott at Due April 1, 2018.

Conference Location: Columbus, USA
Conference Starts: November 08, 2018
Conference Ends: November 11, 2018

CFP Submission Deadline: April 01, 2018

For more information, contact: Glenn Willmott