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This panel considers the ways in which literary modernism confronts the ecological challenges of the Anthropocene, the current geological period during which human activity has become a prevailing influence on climate and the environment. In light of our growing awareness of the precarity of numerous species, including our own, it proposes that modernist studies should expand its global reach to embrace larger temporalities and wider geographies, pursuing an engaged praxis that connects disparate elements of modernity -- literary representation, technological progress, the environment, and ethics. In this formulation, the Anthropocene represents not only an ecological transformation, but also a cultural one; the new modernist studies, attuned to the complex networks of ideas circulating within cultural texts, can play a vital role in tracing the historical, scientific, political, ethical, and imaginative discourses present in modernism's encounter with anthropogenic climate change.

Possible questions to be addressed include:

- How do modernist texts engage with climate change?

- How might a sense of geological time make new available new literary and historical periodizations?

- How does modernist studies engage productively with an interdisciplinary conversation whose roots lie in the natural and social sciences?

Please send a paper title, 250-word abstract, and a brief bio to Andrew Logemann at by January 27, 2017.

Conference Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference Starts: August 10, 2017
Conference Ends: August 13, 2017

CFP Submission Deadline: January 27, 2017

For more information, contact: Andrew Logemann