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Arjun Appadurai‚??s 1990 coinage, the ‚??mediascape,‚?Ě a term signifying the entire range of global information systems, provides a useful framework for a panel that considers the varieties of modernist engagements (and entanglements) with popular media. Possible topics might include (but are not limited to) the following: investigative journalism (including the ‚??yellow‚?Ě press, or ‚??muckraking‚?Ě reportage); wartime propaganda and the social engineering of information; advertising and public relations; newsreels and radio broadcasts; journalists or newsmakers as fictional characters. We are particularly interested in approaches that place modernist writers and texts in dialogue with recent debates about truth and the public sphere. We welcome proposals that bring international and/or interdisciplinary approaches to the topic. Please send 250-word abstracts and brief bios to by Jan. 3rd.

Conference Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference Starts: August 10, 2017
Conference Ends: August 13, 2017

CFP Submission Deadline: January 03, 2017

For more information, contact: Stephanie Hawkins