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Raymond Williams, in his Sociology of Culture, articulates a model of cultural production that operates outside the culture industry as monolithic institutional force. Distinguishing between institutions and what he calls formations, Williams argues, ‚??is a working distinction, to make possible some variety of approach to the question of the effective social relations of culture‚?Ě (‚??Institutions‚?Ě 35). This quote proves suggestive for exploring and theorizing possible alternative cultural industries, outside the authoring institutions of the publishing firm and the university, which played a central role in the early construction of modernism. As modernist hostess Mabel Dodge described the year 1913, ‚??There were all sorts of new ways to communicate as well as new communications‚?Ě (Movers and Shakers 39).

This panel calls for papers that articulate, trace, and theorize these alternative forms of communication as sites of cultural production: the salons, political parties, enclaves, meetings, collaborations, little magazines, or other forms of cultural production that operated outside the culture industry even as it came to reify modernism as an art. Questions we hope to answer: how might we theorize ‚??practice‚?Ě as a form of cultural institution? How might social networks produce culture? What alternatives to book production can we discover in the development or dissemination of modernism? What can interdisciplinary approaches reveal about the cultural development of modernism? Please email brief abstracts (300-400 words) and bio to Dr. Matthew Hannah at by April 10th.

Conference Location: Pasadena, U.S.A
Conference Starts: November 17, 2016
Conference Ends: November 20, 2016

CFP Submission Deadline: April 10, 2016

For more information, contact: Matthew Hannah