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This proposed panel for MSA 18 will explore how mass cultural productions generate affect (or hope to generate affect) in individuals and groups in the context of technological and sociopolitical shifts in the early twentieth century. Through this inquiry, we will consider how the twentieth-century culture industry developed from complex affective experiences and investments and propose methods for exploring subjective experiences of mass culture through affect. What do affective states such as shock, fascination, disgust, identification, dis-identification, resistance, and indifference reveal about early twentieth-century interactions with the productions of the culture industry?

Please send abstracts of 300-500 words to Laurel Harris at by March 30. (Note: This is not a guaranteed session).

Conference Location: Pasadena CA, USA
Conference Starts: November 17, 2016
Conference Ends: November 20, 2016

CFP Submission Deadline: March 30, 2016

For more information, contact: Laurel Harris