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This CFP invites paper abstracts for a panel on modernism and cinema for the upcoming Modernist Studies Association conference in Boston. With this year's MSA conference focusing on the theme of modernism and revolution, this panel will consider the revolution of the motion picture (as emergent media technology, popular cultural formation, aesthetic mode, social and recreational practice) in relation to literary modernism broadly conceived.

This panel seeks to explore the degree to which modernism and cinema's mutual histories and intersections have been contingent upon the notion of rupture. How have genealogies of film-and-literature relations relied on, as well as troubled, ideas of rupture and revolution when drawing out the connections between literary texts and cinematic media during the modernist period? Such connections may encompass formal innovations and experiments across media, new epistemological models of perception and vision articulated in print and visual modes, changes in authorial and textual conventions, conditions of narrative continuity and discontinuity, modernist writers' growing aesthetic and commercial interests in motion pictures, and the blurring of cultural hierarchies within and across art forms.

Additionally, we can reflect on the limitations of centering these intermedial histories on such issues of rupture and pose alternatives. Have the rubrics of rupture and revolution at times simplified our understanding of modernist style and its links to the cinema? How might the complex processes of intermedial contact, translation, tension, and negotiation also usefully frame our view of modernism's interactions with film? In tackling these concerns, this panel seeks to identify some of the gaps in the existing scholarship on modernism and cinema and to rethink the relationship between literary culture and screen media.

Please send a 300-word abstract and a brief biographical statement (2-3 sentences) to Yair Solan at by April 13, 2015.

Conference Location: Boston, United States
Conference Starts: November 19, 2015
Conference Ends: November 22, 2015

CFP Submission Deadline: April 13, 2015

For more information, contact: Yair Solan