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Hearing Voices
How do we hear poetic voice? How do poems reflect and respond to language as spoken and heard? Moving beyond habitual equations of voice with sincerity, what perspectives might we bring to bear on the phenomenon of hearing and the idea of voice in the poetry of modernism and after?

- Do voices imply persons?
- How should we understand the relationship between hearing and reading?
- How does live performance, and how do recording practices and technologies, affect our understanding of how a poem sounds?
- Hearing voices can be a form of inspiration, or of madness. How do poems lay claim to (or shy away from) these possibilities?
- How do questions of voice and hearing help (or hinder) our understanding of modernist poetry and of the contested legacy of modernism from midcentury to the present?

Papers on modernist, mid-century, and contemporary poetry and poetics are invited, and might address topics including aurality and textuality; metricality and musicality; performance; inner speech / inner listening; tone; poetic address; etc.

Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words and a brief biographical statement (2-3 sentences) to Reena Sastri ( by Monday April 06, 2015.

Conference Location: Boston, US
Conference Starts: November 19, 2015
Conference Ends: November 22, 2015

CFP Submission Deadline: April 06, 2015

For more information, contact: Reena Sastri