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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines a "waste stream" as "The total flow of solid waste from homes, businesses, institutions, and manufacturing plants that is recycled, burned, or disposed of in landfills, or segments thereof such as the 'residential waste stream' or the 'recyclable waste stream.'" This panel deploys this term to address the relationship between production, consumption, and waste that existed at the start of the twentieth century. It invites papers from all disciplines that examine modernist attitudes toward waste and abundance. Possible topics include depictions of waste in Eliot, Joyce, Beckett, etc.; the recycling of waste in Cubist collages and Surrealist objets trouves; and representations of the monumental waste that is associated with modern warfare. Please send a 250-word abstract and brief professional bio (2-3 sentences) to Alexander McKee at by May 2.

Conference Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Conference Starts: November 06, 2014
Conference Ends: November 09, 2014

CFP Submission Deadline: May 02, 2014

For more information, contact: Alexander McKee