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Disability and Modern Lyric

Raphael Allison, Assistant Professor of Literature (MAT Program), Bard College

MSA 16
Pittsburgh, 6‚??9 November 2016

While the literature of disability has recently become the focus of intense scholarly scrutiny in the interdisciplinary field of disability studies, links between disability and modern lyric have yet to be fully explored. This panel seeks to engage the larger question of how disability is represented‚??both mimetically and in terms of lyric form‚??in poetry of the 20th century to the present. Preference will be given to work linking disability to innovations in form and modernist experimentation. How does disability relate to the line, stanza, figuration, and the page itself? How do poets deploy disability not just in representation but also in composition and performance? How does disability complicate poetic genres? In what ways is poetry useful in abetting a ‚??social model‚?Ě of disability? In resisting naturalizations of the disabled body? What role has poetry played in the disability rights movement, and in forging the rise of disability studies?

Please submit a 300-word abstract to Raphael Allison at by April 20, 2014.

Conference Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Conference Starts: November 06, 2014
Conference Ends: November 09, 2014

CFP Submission Deadline: April 20, 2014

For more information, contact: Raphael Allison