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This panel will consider how perceived boundaries between bodies, both somatic and subjective, become blurred through movement-oriented formal/textual/performance practices. The idea of movement as communicable and connective also offers a way of thinking through points of contact and flow among literary genres, performances, and cultural texts. Papers might consider early-twentieth century instances or representations of kinesthetic empathy, intercorporeality, unique but shared phenomenological and haptic experiences, and muscle memory in disciplinary and/or artistic training methods. Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome, and might draw from fields such as dance and/or performance studies, queer theory, film studies, psychoanalysis, history of science, urban planning, and art history, among others.

Please send a 250-word abstract and a one-paragraph bio to by April 1st.

Conference Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Conference Starts: November 06, 2014
Conference Ends: November 09, 2014

CFP Submission Deadline: April 01, 2014

For more information, contact: Harmony Jankowski