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Once considered a touchstone of modernist aesthetics, politics, ethics, and cultural criticism, the critical theory of the Frankfurt School has seen its reputation suffer in the latter portion of the 20th century, in part because of its pessimism towards or outright dismissal of ‚??mass culture,‚?Ě as well as the perception that its purview is too narrowly European. More recent scholarship has begun to revalue the School‚??s critical theory and argue for its contemporary significance, especially for ecocriticism and postcolonial aesthetics and politics.

This panel proposes to participate in that work of revaluation by interrogating the School's continuing relevance from a global perspective and considering what explanatory power its critical theory possesses beyond the confines of European modernism. In doing so, the panel will explore the confluences and divisions between modernist theory and the post-War, postcolonial world. Theoretical papers are welcome, as are interdisciplinary papers that treat aesthetic, political, ethical, cultural, or environmental topics together, or papers that read Frankfurt School critical theory in conjunction with specific literary, artistic, or popular cultural works or phenomena.

Please send a 250-word abstract and a brief bio to Jonathan Feinberg at by April 25th.

Conference Location: Pittsburgh, USA
Conference Starts: November 06, 2014
Conference Ends: November 09, 2014

CFP Submission Deadline: April 25, 2014

For more information, contact: Jonathan Feinberg