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This panel sets out to explore how the materials of modernist artistic production intersect with methods of handling the works themselves and with the interpretive strategies brought to bear upon them. Spanning philosophical and empirical approaches to materiality, the topics covered in this panel include: the physical production and conservation of books, pamphlets and periodicals, and the way these issues might relate to hermeneutic analysis; the sourcing of raw materials for plastic art projects and subsequent challenges in housing and curating such works; and the technical advancements of early film production and the sometimes severe challenges in conserving early film stock. Do modernist writers and artists employ their materials in ways that generate specific problems (and innovations) for conservation and analysis? Are there specific kinds of degeneration and decay implicit in the material embodiments of modernist aesthetic acts? Can issues of materiality and aesthetic innovation in modernism throw light on contemporary challenges of digitization in film, literature, music and various multimedia?

Please send 300-word proposals and a brief bio by May 1.

Conference Location: Montreal, Canada
Conference Starts: November 05, 2009
Conference Ends: November 08, 2009

CFP Submission Deadline: May 01, 2009

For more information, contact: Mark Byron