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The aim of this conference is to investigate these important ideas in depth and to evaluate Munch’s achievement in the area of printmaking from various angles. Besides technical and object-based enquiries, we specifically seek contributions that place Munch and printmaking in broader contexts such as:

1. Mass media and mass distribution;
2. Reproduction and repetition;
3. Audience and reception;
4. Social criticism;
5. The art market;
6. The culture and practice of print workshops.

Proposals for this conference must include (in English)
a) an abstract of maximum 300 words summarizing your argument
b) a brief (one paragraph) academic resume, and
c) your full contact information.

Papers will be 20 minutes in length and will be followed by discussion.

Contributions should be sent to no later than 1st May 2013. You will be notified by 1st June 2013 of your acceptance.

This is the third conference sponsored and organized by the “Munch and Modernity” research network at the University of Oslo, the Munch Museum, and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo.


Conference Location: Oslo, Norway
Conference Starts: November 21, 2013
Conference Ends: November 22, 2013

CFP Submission Deadline: May 01, 2013

For more information, contact: Patricia Berman