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With the completion of the Brooker and Thacker 'Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines', the breadth and depth of modern periodical studies has been radically expanded. But how might we go further? How do we define a 'modernist magazine'? What might periodicals that operated in the cultural mainstream, with a wider audience, broader content, and higher circulation, have to offer to modernist studies? Can casting a wider net aid study of the periodical marketplace?

This panel seeks to explore the role played by mainstream periodicals in the development of modernism. Papers are sought that investigate the relationship of modernism to individual magazines, groups of magazines, genres, or the nature of a 'mainstream periodical'. Submissions on magazines covered in the Brooker and Thacker volumes are welcome, but submissions that range beyond the magazines addressed in those volumes are particularly encouraged.

Please send a 250-word abstract and brief CV to Charlie Dawkins ( by 13 March, 2013.

Conference Location: Brighton, UK
Conference Starts: August 29, 2013
Conference Ends: September 01, 2013

CFP Submission Deadline: March 13, 2013

For more information, contact: Charlie Dawkins