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Literally, taste is connected with gustatory pleasure. Figuratively it has its place in the philosophy of aesthetics, and in discourses of social manners and class. Exploring British modernism'??s preoccupation with taste this panel asks how might a wider critical approach to taste--??attention to literal and figurative--?inform our understanding of British modernism? By 09/30/12 please send your 300-500 word abstracts and a brief bio to Michael D. Becker, with "??NeMLA 2013"?? as the subject. For an extended CFP prompt and additional details on this panel, please visit:

Conference Location: Boston, MA
Conference Starts: March 21, 2013
Conference Ends: March 24, 2013

CFP Submission Deadline: September 30, 2012

For more information, contact: Michael Becker