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Given a conference theme of "Structures of Innovation", papers are invited for a panel which will explore ruins and ruination as counter-structures or complementary structures within modernism, with special attention to the intersection of ruins with modernist aesthetics.

Abstracts are welcome for papers which look into ruins or ruination as a central aesthetic metaphor or practice in modernist thought. Possible topics might include architectural expressions of ruin, ruined manuscripts, textual or linguistic ruins, the aesthetics of decay, the urban ruin, structures of ruin (vs ruined structures), the "new ruin", ruins and artifice, the relation of ruins to fragments, the body in ruins, ruined machines, ruins as structures of memory/nostalgia/futurity, or readings of modernism itself as a ruin.

Please forward 300-500 word abstracts and 2-3 sentence biography by April 7 to

Conference Location: Buffalo, US
Conference Starts: October 06, 2011
Conference Ends: October 09, 2011

CFP Submission Deadline: April 07, 2011

For more information, contact: Graham Fraser