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Call for Papers:
T.S. Eliot and the Heritage of Rome and Italy in Modernist Literature
An International Symposium
Florence, Italy
February 4th ? 11th 2012

The symposium topic deals with one of the most interesting aspects of Eliot?s exceptionally complex and erudite poetry, and that is the deep impact that the literature and culture of Rome and Italy had on his work and on Modernist Literature in general.

Hence the symposium topic is focused on, but not limited to, T.S. Eliot and his work. In fact, it encompasses the whole complexity of the Ancient Roman and Italian cultural influence on the most important literary movement of the 20th century Europe and America.

All proposals on the impact of Rome and Italy on English Language Modernist Literature regardless of their immediate connection to T. S. Eliot will be considered relevant to the topic of the conference and will be accepted for consideration by the co-organizers.

Participants are expected to make presentations of approximately 15 or 20 minutes duration to allow time for discussion and interaction. Participants will be invited to attend all the sessions and to participate in cultural events related to the symposium.

Participants should be scholars or critics of literature and/or other arts. Attendance of younger researchers is encouraged. The symposium will take place under the sponsorship of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (, and the number of participants is restricted to 50.

For the Symposium website please click here:

Proposals of 100 to 250 words or completed papers may be sent by regular mail or as email attachments to any of the co-organizers:

▬ Professor Temur Kobakhidze, School of Humanities, Caucasus University, 77 Kostava Street, Tbilisi 0175, Republic of Georgia. (email:
▬ Dr. Patrick Query, U.S. Military Academy - West Point, NY - U.S.A. (email:
▬ Dr. Stefano Maria Casella, Libera UniversitÓ di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM -
Milan ? Italy (email:

Participants will experience the pleasures of intellectual exchange in the environs of Florence, staying at a three-star hotel and enjoying daily excursions and activities, as well as free time to explore the city. DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: NOVEMBER 20, 2011

Conference Location: Florence, Italy
Conference Starts: February 04, 2012
Conference Ends: February 11, 2012

CFP Submission Deadline: November 20, 2011

For more information, contact: Patrick Query