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What inexpensive pleasure can be greater than that of strolling through London of an evening, and reconstructing it in imagination? . . . You make Notting Hill low and exalt Maida-vale by carting the one to the other . . . you extend the embankment from Blackfriars to the Tower as an eligible nocturnal promenade. . . you build an underground London in the bowels of the metropolis, and an overhead London piercing the fog curtain above on viaducts, with another and another and another atop of these, until you have piled up, six cities deep, to Alpine altitudes with a different climate at each level. . . . For purposes of transit you will devise a system of pneumatic tubes, through which passengers, previously treated by experienced dentists with nitrous oxide, can be blown from Kensington to Mile-end in a breath. . . . What a London that would be!

~Bernard Shaw, ?Ideal London,? Pall Mall Gazette (5 October 1886)

SHAW 32 will be devoted to the theme ?Shaw and the City,? with Desmond Harding as guest editor. ?Shaw and the City? will provide a composite picture of Shaw coming into his several roles as dramatist, critic, and cultural commentator in active exchange with the metropolis as a site of convergent literary traditions and histories, as well as a crossing-point of emerging national, cultural, political, social, and artistic boundaries. Inquiries and manuscript submissions should be sent to him at or mailed to Dr. Desmond Harding, Department of English Language and Literature, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859. Deadline: 1 August 2011.


The editor welcomes contributions from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives that speak to Shaw?s diverse representations of urban modernity, which may include but are not limited to:

I. Literary and Dramatic London
Literary, political, media, and popular cultures
Libraries, archives, publishers, markets
Cosmopolitan art and political commitment
International and/or geomodernism
London theater/British theater/Irish theater/international theater
West End theater and East End drama
Perceptions of boundaries, streetscapes, and neighborhoods
?Polyphonic? London
II. Metropolitan Identities
The flâneur in the city
London as ?contact zone?: or, colonial and/or postcolonial geographies and identities
The metropolis and mental life
Ideologies and/or mythologies of empire
Home, homeland, and ?Home Rule?

Sex and the city; or, the ?erotics? of space and/or place
Deviance, disorder and criminality
III. The Urban Imaginary
The poetics and polemics of industrial modernity
The city at war and peace
Textual inscriptions of urban technologies; or, ?planes, trains, and automobiles?
Alienation and ghettoization
Victorian and/or Edwardian understandings and/or theorizations of metropolitan urban space
Capitalist urbanization and space
London?s political and urban landscapes
Urban identities of migration, displacement, and mobility

Conference Location: print journal, print journal
Conference Starts: July 31, 2011
Conference Ends: August 01, 2011

CFP Submission Deadline: August 01, 2011

For more information, contact: Desmond Harding