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The T. S. Eliot Society's annual meeting will be held in Paris to commemorate the centenary of Eliot's vital postgraduate year in that city. Clearly organized proposals of about 300 words, on any topic reasonably related to Eliot, along with biographical sketches, should be forwarded by February 13, 2011, to the President, David Chinitz.

Conference sessions will be held in the Latin Quarter, at the centrally located Institut du monde anglophone of the University of Paris III Sorbonne nouvelle. The keynote speaker will be Jean-Michel Rabate (University of Pennsylvania). In addition to panel sessions and a peer seminar (see below), excursions such as a walking tour of relevant sites and visits to the old Opera House, the Louvre, and the new National Library are being planned for the week. Please watch the Eliot Society's website ( for further information.


This year's peer seminar, to be led by Andrzej Gasiorek (University of Birmingham), will focus on Eliot's relation to France, broadly construed to include, for example, the influence of the Symbolists and other French writers; of Bergson, Maritain, Maurras and other thinkers; all aspects of Eliot's year in Paris, including his experience of French culture, his studies, his friendships with Jean Verdenal and Alain-Fournier, and his later recollections; Eliot's poems in French; his use of the French language in his other writings; his publication of Proust, Valery, Cocteau, etc.; his attitude toward French intellectual culture in comparison with those of his modernist contemporaries; and his influence in France. This list of possible topics is not meant to be exhaustive, and participants are welcome to focus on other aspects of the general topic.

Andrzej Gasiorek is a Reader in Twentieth-Century Literature at the University of Birmingham. He has published widely in twentieth-century literary studies and is co-editor of the journal Modernist Cultures and editor of the Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies.

The seminar is open to the first 15 registrants; registration will close March 15th. Participants will submit 4-5 page position papers by e-mail, no later than June 15th. To sign up, or for answers to questions, please write Jayme Stayer at

Conference Location: Paris, France
Conference Starts: July 18, 2011
Conference Ends: July 22, 2011

CFP Submission Deadline: February 13, 2011

For more information, contact: David Chinitz