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The Author Business
Alison Booth
30 years of Minor Literature
Christopher Bush and Eric Hayot
Disciplining Modernism
Pamela Caughie
Poetics of the Fragment,
Politics of the Totality

Joshua Clover and Christopher Nealon
Modernist Authenticities
Kevin Dettmar and Debra Rae Cohen
Irish Modernism
Gregory Dobbins
The Avant-Garde and Its Object
Jonathan P. Eburne and Janine Mileaf
Wired Reading and Modernist Texts
Margaret Mills Harper
From Barcelona to Berlin:
Modernism Goes to War

Phyllis Lassner and Kristin Bluemel
Modernism and the Orient
Lidan Lin and Zhaoming Qian
Modernist Nostalgia
Dianne Sachko Macleod
Modernism at Home
Gail McDonald
Modernist Excess
Jordana Mendelson
Chancy Modernism
Brian Reed
Modernist Pedagogies
Morag Shiach
Modern(ist) Love
Janine Utell