MSA/BAMS Guidelines for Reciprocal Sessions and Affiliates Conference Participation

The MSA/BAMS reciprocal affiliate arrangement in conference participation is meant to boost the presence and visibility of members of each organization at each other’s gatherings, and to foster scholarly communication and collaboration among those members. Postgraduate and early-career researchers are especially invited to take advantage of these opportunities. These members should be explicitly encouraged to and supported in their participation, including in the development of sessions, beneficial scheduling on the conference programs, and the availability of financial assistance.

For MSA @ BAMS: The International Relations Chair in collaboration with the President sends a special call to MSA members for the biannual BAMS conference in June when that CFP goes live around the turn of the calendar year , so MSA members can submit proposals for a designated session. The International Relations Chair should also connect with the Chair of BAMS to ensure a smooth process.

Readers for these submissions will be the Chair of BAMS, the President of MSA, and the International Chair of MSA. Submissions should be completed and read, with a timely decision arrived at after the BAMS CFP deadline, as agreed with the BAMS conference committee .

The MSA @ BAMS CFP might steer the panel to a specific direction/theme of its choosing, although in keeping with the general theme of the BAMS conference.

Those MSA members accepted for the reciprocal session are eligible to apply for BAMS bursaries to support their travel, and will have their BAMS conference registration fees waived.

The session will be noted as reciprocal in the program and scheduled at a favorable time.

For BAMS @ MSA: BAMS will send a special call to members for proposals for the reciprocal session (which could be a panel, roundtable, or seminar) once the call for the MSA conference is opened, usually no later than two months after the fall conference. The International Relations Chair of MSA will connect with the Chair of BAMS at the launch of the MSA CFP to ensure a smooth process.

Submissions will be reviewed by the International Relations Chair from MSA and the Chair and Past Chair of BAMS. The designated session will then be submitted through the MSA conference submission portal during the call peri od. BAMS representatives should indicate in the text of the submitted proposal that it is a reciprocal session.

The session will be noted as reciprocal in the program and scheduled at a favorable time. Reciprocal sessions sponsored by affiliate organizations will be featured on the MSA website.

The BAMS presenters will have their registration fees waived and are eligible to apply for MSA conference travel grants.