MSA Executive Committee

Each year the MSA holds elections for the various committee positions outlined in the MSA constitution and bylaws. The chairs of these committees, along with the officers, the webmaster, and the co-editors of Modernism/modernity, comprise the MSA's Board of Trustees.

President: Celia Marshik, Stony Brook University

First Vice President: Matthew Hart, Columbia University

Second Vice President: Bill Maxwell, Washington University

Past President: Laura Winkiel, University of Colorado Boulder

Chair, Interdisciplinary Approaches: Laura Heffernan, University of North Florida

Chair, International Relations: Marius Hentea, University of Gothenburg

Chair, Membership & Elections: Erin Templeton, Converse College

Chair, Program: Rebecca Walsh, North Carolina State University

Chair, Finance (Treasurer): Allan Hepburn, McGill University

Chair, Technology and Infrastructure: Alex Christie, Brock University

Co-Editor of Modernism/modernity: Debra Rae Cohen, University of South Carolina

Co-Editor of Modernism/modernity: Christopher Bush, Northwestern University