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2013 MSA Book Prize Winner

Each year since 2005 the MSA has awarded a prize to an outstanding book published during the previous calendar year. 2012 brought an immensely rich set of monographs and collections that advanced the scholarship of modernism in many ways and demonstrated the vitality and diversity of modernist studies as a field of inquiry. Indeed, the contest was met with an embarrassment of riches, with 86 titles entered into the contest by 30 presses.

Collecting ModernismThe MSA is pleased to announce Jeremy Braddock's Collecting as Modernist Practice (Johns Hopkins University Press) as the winner of the 2013 Modernist Studies Association book prize.

Collecting as Modernist Practice is an elegantly written, thoughtfully argued, and captivating book. It places collecting at the center of modernist practice so convincingly that, as its account unfolds, it seems virtually self-evident that collectors such as Albert Barnes, editors such as Alfred Kreymborg, and patrons including John Quinn were crucial architects of modernism in all of its complexities.

The research for the book is admirably rigorous; one can sense throughout that Braddock carefully and thoroughly parsed the archives, collections, and anthologies about which he theorizes to generate his claims. He lays out his argument with such lucidity that the book serves as an enviable example of compellingly readable academic scholarship.

The book sheds valuable light onto issues related to transnationalism, materialism, race, and sexuality, demonstrating how these concepts inform the collecting practices that shaped modernism. Collecting as Modernist Practice is the first book published in the new Hopkins Studies in Modernism Series, and it signals a series off to an exceptional start.

The committee determined a short list from which to choose the winner, and those titles – any of which were worthy of the distinction conferred by the prize – were:


Each year, the Modernist Studies Association seeks nominations for its Book Prize, awarded to a book published in the previous year. A panel of judges determines the book that made the most significant contribution to modernist studies. The winner receives $1,000 plus up to $500 toward travel expenses to the MSA Conference, where the award is presented. A book first published in another year will not be eligible for the prize. This exclusion applies even if a new edition (paperback or revised, for example) was published in the award year.

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